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4 Oct


Thom Browne Came to paris for his first women’s show on a cloud of spun tulle and organza . In fact all the looks had the same mesmerizing couture buoyancy, as if this was the Haute Couture. Brightly colored tweed suits was dolled up with Organza and tulle. candy colored cardigans was embroidered giving it that spun cotton candy look. Paris is where clothes like this is suppose to be shown . Take away all the extra fluff and you have an amazing collection of beautifully made clothes by an American who defected to Paris. Spring has never looked this good.
Thom Browne is available at Blake, Chicago

Patric Chauvez

Patric Chauvez is one of the top stylist in the city of Chicago and is the pen of this blog. He is a style contributor to the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine his work has been featured in Elle Mexico , Vogue Portugal and French Vogue. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest , Tumbler and Twitter.

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