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27 May


WELCOME TO MAY ! We hope you've been having a fantastic spring. This month we are giving you our version of the key pieces for a Mans' Capsule Wardrobe. Pieces that can be mixed and interchanged and is perfect for travel. We broke it down to the bare minimal. The Jacket, The Cardigan,The White shirt, The Navy Trouser, The Sweater, The Coat, The Bomber and the Casual trouser. It's all interchangeable to dress up or dress down as one pleases. All this with a White shirt, black Brogue and a Chelsea boot for the perfect carry on. In this Portfolio photographed by Kevin Sinclair, @matthewjrichardson is the epitome of sartorial cool in springs' best offering with...
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24 May


WELCOME TO THE MAY ISSUE WHERE SPRING IS IN FULL BLOOM. In our efforts in giving you relevant information to live "The well lived Life", We've put together a series of How To's. This will make dressing up fun and interesting. In our Featured image, @veemekled is layered artistically but approachable in AWAKE pattered and ruffled dress with side slit ,worn with Vince pleated dress underneath. It adds motion and maximum texture when one moves. In styling editorials I always try to take a look to another level via a cinch , a tuck or a different layer of clothing. Dressing up should be fun and should be approached creatively. I'm in a constant search for interesting pieces to...
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14 May


WELCOME TO THE MAY ISSUE ! SPRING IS IN FULL BLOOM. Warmer weather is here to stay, for a few months ,of course. In deciding the content of the May issue, we visited all of our favorite stores to decide upon the common theme throughout, in Fashion and accessories. For this issue we give you our thoughts on the new silhouette for spring. The trend for this season ranges from slim to boxy oversize looks with pleats, ruffles and leather at the forefront of what you will be buying...
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22 Sep


WELCOME TO FRIDAY. Welcome to the beginning of a fantastic weekend. We hope you've enjoyed reading the blog and viewing all the new images and collaborations we've secured.Today our post is about living the WELL LIVED LIFE. Living in style and surrounding ourselves with only the most beautiful and , of course, the best. In our featured image we present our model, Geisa, wearing Vince silk T shirt and denim , walking her dog, with of course the most beautiful bouquet of flowers grasping her Valentino ROCK STUD handbag . Trust us , a little label goes a long way. Have a beautiful weekend P  ...
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