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4 Dec


WELCOME TO THE DECEMBER ISSUE AND TO THE MENS EDITION OF THE HOLIDAY ISSUE. This season, as I've previously stated, I was inspired by the iconic photographer HELMUT NEWTON. I adored his 1994 campaign for Gianni Versace. The lighting was severe and the attitude was a bit sexual but extremely sophisticated. In preparing for any shoot, I start with the clothes and then the models. Luckily there were a few that has just signed to agencies here in the city. I must say that it's extremely hard to find a male model that has African features, It's all the rage in Paris. @linowilson comes to us Via @selectmodelchicago. His future is bright and he will make...
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27 May


WELCOME TO MAY ! We hope you've been having a fantastic spring. This month we are giving you our version of the key pieces for a Mans' Capsule Wardrobe. Pieces that can be mixed and interchanged and is perfect for travel. We broke it down to the bare minimal. The Jacket, The Cardigan,The White shirt, The Navy Trouser, The Sweater, The Coat, The Bomber and the Casual trouser. It's all interchangeable to dress up or dress down as one pleases. All this with a White shirt, black Brogue and a Chelsea boot for the perfect carry on. In this Portfolio photographed by Kevin Sinclair, @matthewjrichardson is the epitome of sartorial cool in springs' best offering with...
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27 Jun


ASHTON SANDERS, THE FACE OF CALVIN KLEIN. TWOmuchSTYLE had the great opportunity to style the star of the Oscar winning, best picture, MOONLIGHT for Paper Magazine's YOUTH issue.. Ashton is the current face of Calvin Klein underwear, therefore edits includes CK jeans and underwear, Gucci, Prada, Thom Browne and Burberry. We loved the movie MOONLIGHT, it's raw, innocent sensibility and we love Ashton in some of summers best looks. This portfolio photographed by T Harrison Hillman Grooming by Freddy Mua Fashion Assistant- Jeremy Lamar Wilson Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez Prada floral sleeveless button down and slim trouser at Prada stores nationwide. Thom Browne rubber swim cap , Calvin Klein cotton monogram underwear and slim denim in indigo [caption id="attachment_16062" align="aligncenter"...
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15 Mar


MEN'S FASHION UNCERTAINTY Spring is here but we're in the midst of a snowstorm..Due to global warming we are in the midst of uncertainty, at least in the weather department. We are now dealing with the conundrum of whether to layer or not to layer. Our answer to this is to layer with the right jacket and when in doubt go solo in perfect printed and embellished fashion. Justin Morgan shows us the perfect mode of Navigating your wardrobe when in doubt.. This portfolio photographed on location at Jayson home by Carissa Lancaster Grooming by Lynee Ruiz at Ford Artists Model- Justin Morgan at 10 management Fashion Editor- Luis Cruz Art Direction- Patric Chauvez BEAUTY For a perfect glow Lynee uses  SHISEIDO IBUKI Refining Moisturizer for the refined...
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26 Mar


TWOmuchSTYLE Presents Top Trends - Spring Summer 2015 - From The Paris Runway
TWOmuchSTYLE PRESENTS: SPRING SUMMER 2015 TOP TRENDS FROM THE PARIS RUNWAY Spring is here and TWOmuchSTYLE brings you the top trends for Spring Summer. We were there front and center at the collections in Paris and therefore have the authority to decipher the top trends. FLOWERS: Celine, Simone Rocha, Thom Browne FLOWERS Flowers are always and forever will be a trend for spring. This spring is no different. Celine, Simone Rocha and Thom Browne presented the best in flowers. SUMMER LEATHER: Proenza Schouler, Givency, Loewe LEATHER Bring your inner rock star to the forefront. Proenza Schouler, Givenchy and Loewe made it easy to wear leather for spring. Proenza was all American with full skirts and shirts...
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12 Jan

Tribune Editorial – “Face Your Fears” January 2015

FACE YOUR FEARS CHICAGO TRIUNE EDITORIAL Twomuchstyle is a regular contributor to the Chicago Tribune magazine. My Editor, David Syrek, came up with the idea of facing your fears. At the Tribune we always try to present a story within a story, it makes for an interesting editorial. We came up with the following fears Fear of water Fear of open spaces Fear of darkness and Fear of public speaking. We were extremely limited in the looks that were available from the resort collection, therefore only a few designers fit the bill. Moschino and Thom Browne had an amazing resort collection. Moschino had a few Coca-Cola looks with water droplets, which didn’t quite work out and Thom Browne did an amazing raincoat that was transparent with floral cutouts....
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11 Nov


FLASHBACK TO FALL 2013 THOM BROWNE NEW YORK NEW YORK Fashion is fleeting and it's always good to look back. This image lensed by Kevin Sinclair was Shot for the Chicago Tribune Magazine. In my opinion it's an amazing timeless image but alas it was a bit too forward for the Tribune. The dress was by Thom Browne, it's washed cotton, it's a corseted coat with multiple underpinnings. It had mutton sleeves and had the silhouette of a Victorian gown. TWOmuchstyle is a great fan of Thom Browne and I declare this image timeless. Photographed by Kevin Sinclaire Makeup by Fumiaki Nakagawa Styled by Twomuchstyle ...
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10 Sep


THOM BROWNE SPRING SUMMER 2015 The spring summer 2015 collection Thom Browne presented seem to be an American version of the Chanel suit. Summer tweeds abound at Thom Browne, adorned in plaid and pastel trimming. Subtract all the accouterments, hats etc. and you’ll have the most amazing tweed suit outside of Paris. Thom Browne is the most avante garde of American designers The designs of Mr. Browne are different in its presentation but on the selling floor it’s an entirely different story. I’ve always been a fan of his short stunted silhouette and his red, white and blue signature trim. Thom Browne Available at Blake ...
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15 Dec

The best of Fall 2013

FALLS GREATEST HITS The Season is coming to an end and time for a re-cap. For this portfolio, lensed by Kevin Sinclair, we bring you the absolute best of the fall collection from the best labels. We at TWOmuchstyle edited the fall collection and extracted the essence of Fall 2013. We dolled it up, blinged it up with a few Erickson Beamon, added a bit of Charlotte Delphine Parmantier and a dose of Gregg Higgins for good measure and called it another day at TWOmuchstyle. So in your quest to get the best of the best, your best bang for your buck, and your Ying for your Yang, take our advice and vist your local stockist. Don’t forget to “TELL THEM...
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