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26 Mar


TWOmuchSTYLE Presents Top Trends - Spring Summer 2015 - From The Paris Runway
TWOmuchSTYLE PRESENTS: SPRING SUMMER 2015 TOP TRENDS FROM THE PARIS RUNWAY Spring is here and TWOmuchSTYLE brings you the top trends for Spring Summer. We were there front and center at the collections in Paris and therefore have the authority to decipher the top trends. FLOWERS: Celine, Simone Rocha, Thom Browne FLOWERS Flowers are always and forever will be a trend for spring. This spring is no different. Celine, Simone Rocha and Thom Browne presented the best in flowers. SUMMER LEATHER: Proenza Schouler, Givency, Loewe LEATHER Bring your inner rock star to the forefront. Proenza Schouler, Givenchy and Loewe made it easy to wear leather for spring. Proenza was all American with full skirts and shirts...
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19 Feb

Rodarte Fall 2015

Rodarte Fall 2015 Featured by twomuchstyle.com
RODARTE FALL 2015 Sex and glamour of the 70’s variety, made a return at Rodarte for fall 2015. The collection started out with uber skinny leather trousers with lace inserts worn with lace blouses, leather bombers and plaid anoraks both trimmed with fox and worn with thigh high boots. Next was the sequined dresses in a rainbow of colors, some trimmed and festooned with lace and feathers, all making that 70’s Farrah Fawcett moment in a fantastic light show to rival any Broadway production. It made one want to dance to the 70’s soundtrack. Finally out came the gowns in a mix of various textures and fabrications, lace, crystals, feathers, and sequins. RODARTE IS AVAILABLE AT IKRAM 53 WEST HURON CHICAGO 312-587-1000 ...
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2 Feb


JASLENE WEARS THE BEST OF BOTH SEASONS In the midst of winter we are dreaming of warmer temps. Now is the perfect time to combine seasons, Fall 2014 to the early inspiring signs of "Spring 2015 . We photographed this portfolio on Jaslene Gonzalez, my sidekick and co-blogger with fashion photographer T.Harrison Hillman. TWOmuchSTYLE'S Beauty Editor Darcy McGrath created the makeup look with Burberry Cosmetics. Hair by Megan Schnell for Salon Buzz /Bumble and bumble. A special "Thank You" to Ikram, Blake, Elements and Neiman Marcus for their wardrobe and accessories. I look so forward to many more amazing collaborations with all of you. Welcome to TWOmuchSTYLE...
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18 Nov


RODARTE SAMPLE SALE TWOmuchstyle loves a bargain. This, I must say is the ultimate bargain. I’m a lover of anything and everything Rodarte. Here is your chance to get Rodarte at an ultimate bargain. Rodarte sample sale will be held on Friday the 21st of November in Los Angeles California. In your quest to get American Couture at Topshop prices, run don’t Walk and catch the first flight to LA? Email andy@rodarte.net Appointment suggested “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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10 Sep


RODARTE SPRING SUMMER 2015 Rodarte is the closest thing to Haute Couture this side of the Atlantic. With supporters like Anna Wintour and Ikram Goldman , Rodarte is one of the highlights of New York fashion week. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting samples of Rodarte and could attest to the Couture workmanship. All samples come with handling and styling instructions. As a stylist. I appreciate that. Mesh has raised it’s beautiful head again and it appears to be a top trend for spring. Oversized jackets with leather trim and skirts with asymmetrical mesh hem was a silhouette that was repeated throughout the collection. Evening dresses are a staple for Laura and Kate Muleavy. For spring they were adorned with Tulle...
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15 Dec

The best of Fall 2013

FALLS GREATEST HITS The Season is coming to an end and time for a re-cap. For this portfolio, lensed by Kevin Sinclair, we bring you the absolute best of the fall collection from the best labels. We at TWOmuchstyle edited the fall collection and extracted the essence of Fall 2013. We dolled it up, blinged it up with a few Erickson Beamon, added a bit of Charlotte Delphine Parmantier and a dose of Gregg Higgins for good measure and called it another day at TWOmuchstyle. So in your quest to get the best of the best, your best bang for your buck, and your Ying for your Yang, take our advice and vist your local stockist. Don’t forget to “TELL THEM...
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11 Dec


INDIVIDUALITY For fall, the Fashion authority presented an array of trends for you to choose from. Your world, your choice. It’s called INDIVIDUALITY. In this portfolio we’ve made it an individual choice to choose what work’s best for you. This Portfolio was photographed in New York, lensed by Kevin Sinclaire and styled by yours truly. We bring you the absolute top names in Fashion for your choice. We repeat, your individual choice. So choose wisely. Be it minimalist, Avante garde, or just the most amazing piece you can find. It’s all at your fingertips. So make that smart choice. And remember to “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” Rodarte dress with exaggerated collar and tulle detail at Ikram. Rodarte...
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11 Aug

MasterClass. Fall fashion CHICAGO TRIBUNE

MASTERCLASS LET THE TOP LABELS BE YOUR GUIDE FOR FALL It was a sweltering day in New York, the day we photographed this story, Master Class. The story was all about the greatest labels that made up the Fall 2014 collection. From a stylists point of view it’s all about the labels. The bigger the better. In this portfolio we chose the best looks and my favorite labels. We at TWOmuchstyle believe that in every collection one can find amazing pieces. Hence, Master class, from the established Prada to the young American duo, Rodarte. Let this portfolio be your guide for fall 2014. TELL THEM, I SENT YOU   . Nina Ricci prince of wales check double breasted "Bar" jacket, textured trouser...
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1 May


RODARTE “GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE” We do think alike, Great minds that is. It happened at Rodarte , Givenchy and Saint Laurent. The introduction of Grunge , Punk and the late eighties style that has been etched on the fashion time line. Rodarte, the designing sisters, is set to make an appearance at ikram this Thursday for an amazing evening of meet and greet with the fashion cognoscenti of Chicago. Their fall collection, which was based on their hometown of Santa Cruz, California, was an incorporation of punk, Grunge and late eighties influence. Rodarte along with Givenchy and Saint Laurent was among the most forward collection for fall 2013. These influences were noted in their use of the barbed Wire accessories,...
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