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12 Feb

Junya Watanbe Mens Fall 2015

JUNYA WATANABE MENS FALL WINTER 2015 The Sapeurs, the Congolese dandies in Africa who embraces the fashionable way of dressing well, influenced Junya Watanabe’s fall collection. Watanabe presented formal tailoring, jackets in all its glory. In the bond movie, Casino Royale, Vesper Lynn stated that “ there are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets,” therefore Junya Watanabe is the latter, the best dinner jackets for fall winter 2015. JUNYA WATANABE IS AVAILABLE AT BARNEYS NEW YORK AND AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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21 Oct


Editorial_TCWMagazine_Stylist-Patric Chauvez Photographer: T. Harrison Hillman
THE MASCULING INFLUENCE ON FALL FASHION One of the top trends for fall 2014 is the Menswear influence. In this portfolio, which was styled for TCW magazine and photographed by T Harrison Hillman, I focused on the menswear staples. My staple menswear pieces are as follows: the trench, the mans shirt, the trouser, the sweatshirt, the bomber, the pantsuit, the unconstructed coat, the hounds tooth pattern, the cardigan and the vest. It’s a mans world this fall, therefore, in your efforts to cash in on the masculine trend for fall visit out top choices in stores and get that manly fix. In this portfolio, our choice of stores is IKRAM NEIMAN MARCUS SAKS FIFTH AVENUE BLAKE “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” JUNYA WATANABE COMME DES GARCONS BELTED TRENCH...
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28 Jul

The top looks for Summer

THE BEST OF SUMMER Summer is in full swing and there’s no better time to bring you my choice of the best looks of the season. Givenchy Riccardo Tisci brings you summers fluid cotton jersey, draped to the max and printed with the most ingenious prints of the season. Its colors and prints are grounded in the African culture with graphic overlay. Givenchy available at Blake Alexander Wang For Summer Wang’s Silhouette is a bit boxy and oversize with that 80’s influence. Nude leather cropped top goes perfectly with any color. Bubblegum pink pleated leather trousers perfect for this cool summer we are having that balloons to a perfect slim ankle. Alexander Wang is available at Neman Marcus and at Neimanmarcus.com Toga The Japanese cult label Toga is exclusive...
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10 Jul

Junya Watanabe Mens Spring Summer 2015

Junya Watanabe Spring Summer 2015 Watanabes collection for spring is based on Boro, a traditional Japanese patchwork worn by peasants in Japan. This time around Japanese peasants cannot afford this boro inspired collection. Patchwork and indigo is a staple for Watanabe. This time it’s all stitched up with top stitching detail and worn with flip-flop. Welcome to Spring summer 2015. ...
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18 Mar

Paris Fall 2014

PARIS FALL 2014 Paris is burning. The fall collection has been presented and the top trends have emerged. The Fashion world always looks to Paris to cross that T and dot that I. Below are my favorite looks for Paris Fall 2014. DRIES VAN NOTEN Dries fall collection was a lesson in Optical illusion, gone are the feathers, maximum embroideries and details. Fall 2014 is streamlined, simple and detailed enough to keep the Dries woman joyous until Spring 2015. The Dries woman is an adventuress, drawing colors, shapes and ideas from different cultures and times. A man's style coat is exquisitely designed with psychedelic swirls and stripes and worn with a 3D corsage NINA RICCI Peter COPPING is doing a fantastic job at Nina Ricci....
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21 Jan

Junya Watanabe man Fall 2014

JUNYA WATANABE MENS FALL 2014 Junyas collection for fall was an ode to all things English Sartorial. The top half of each look was a quintessential British arc type namely the Edwardian, the dandy, the British bespoke gentleman etc. The bottom half was relegated to Junyas patchwork denim that was a big hit for fall that was shown in the women’s collection. At TWOmuchstyle, we love the combination of simplicity and complexity. A clean simple jacket with a very busy avante garde bottom. It makes for an interesting look, one that is not overpowering by any means. This is the precaution one takes when wearing Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garcons. Fashion, in small dosage. Junya Watanabe is available at Barneys New...
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30 Sep

Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabes Tribal Romp In Fashion, being the odd man out is a good thing as you dance to the beat of a different drummer. Such is the case of Junya Watanabe’s Spring Summer 2014 collection that was all afringed balanced with the the right quantity of draping and fringing. In reviewing this collection the novice would scoff at the influence of that dreaded era, the 1970’s and the hippie culture that came with it. One would expect catastrophe but in the hands of Junya Watanabe it became sheer magic. The fringe is on its way to becoming a major trend for spring thanks to Junya Watanabe. ...
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3 Jul

Junya Watanabe Spring Summer 2014

Junya Watanabe’s Swiss outing Paris. Junya Watanabe took Spring Summer to the great outdoors, namely the Swiss Alps. Hiking and fishing gear featured prominently in this collection. The inside out patchwork construction is a Junya signature and was delivered in perfect accordance for spring. Junya Watanabe is available at Barneys New York. TELL THEM I SENT YOU              ...
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14 Mar

Junya Watanabes’ biker chic

Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons collection was a lesson in avant-garde street style. This collection differs from the Comme des Garcons collection Rei Kawakubo presented earlier this week. Not many designers can pull off a collection based on a punk staple, the biker jacket. But of course he can and he did, and it was all zipped up. Instead of the prerequisite, the biker boot, he went one step further by showing the complete collection with high heel pumps in an array of magnificent colors. The masculine, slouchy trousers were done in denim and embellished with plaid patchwork. He even collaborated with the Spanish design house, Loewe, on a few limited edition pieces in leather. Designed by Junya Watanabe and...
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