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12 Feb


TWOmuchSTYLE X TRIBUNE'S MENS FASHION. WINTERS OLD STANDBYS GET A STRATEGIC UPDATE. TWOmuchSTYLE collaborated with the Tribune to bring you men's winter fashion. This story was photographed in New York in the midst of Summer, By uber photographer Kevin Sinclair. Our story was about classic menswear pieces getting an update. Styling menswear is so different from womenswear. It's less creative and involves only a little tweaking to make it current. we are in the midst of winter and hope you'll be inspired by these images we've curated. Kindly let us know your thoughts. Patric This portfolio photographed by Kevin Sinclair Fashion Director- David Syrek Grooming- Fumi Fuminaka Hair- Matthew Tuozzoli Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez Assistant Fashion Editor- Luis Cruz Models- @Logan Flat and @Dillon Westbrock 3 TIM...
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19 Oct


WELCOME TO FALL. Fall is here, the chill has set in and we are here to dictate what to wear from day to evening. The lines have been blurred for daywear going into evening.Coats and dresses are now embellished with sequins and embroidery, Daytime is now as dark as night.We shot this story on the streets of New York with the photographer Carissa Lancaster.This fall , show a bit more skin, a bit more shine, wear flats for evening and heels for day. Make your day as dazzling as your evening. This Portfolio photographed by Carissa Lancaster Makeup and hair-Jati.g @makeupbyjatia Model-Carolina Thelin @women360 Model- Shannon Thaler @marilynagency Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez PRADA prince of wales check coat with floral print and fur...
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9 Oct


My Tribune fall editorial was a lesson in Transparency based on the current political climate and the Trump administration.In this post we start with the basics of the Dior fall collection, overrun with transparent sheer skirts.The Dior Brief and leather beret. Take this as your starting point in adding and layering for a season of wool AND cashmere added with a small dose of transparency. Dior is available at Dior stores nationwide, Blake, Saks Fifth Avenue and at Neiman Marcus Chicago. "TELL THEM I SENT YOU" Dior Brief and leather beret photographed by Carissa Lancaster @Carissalancaster on Model Carolina Thelin at Women360...
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22 Sep


WELCOME TO FRIDAY. Welcome to the beginning of a fantastic weekend. We hope you've enjoyed reading the blog and viewing all the new images and collaborations we've secured.Today our post is about living the WELL LIVED LIFE. Living in style and surrounding ourselves with only the most beautiful and , of course, the best. In our featured image we present our model, Geisa, wearing Vince silk T shirt and denim , walking her dog, with of course the most beautiful bouquet of flowers grasping her Valentino ROCK STUD handbag . Trust us , a little label goes a long way. Have a beautiful weekend P  ...
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19 Sep


WE hope you've enjoyed the Fall editorial, RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. The below video is an edited version of the actual shoot . Shooting an editorial takes weeks of planning, ordering clothes, scheduling deliveries pickups and returns. Of the fifty or so looks from many designers, we chose 8 looks to best define the story. Our model was the pixie cut supermodel Taja Feistner of New York Models.At the Tribune we choose to use supermodels whose been in recent shows and campaigns. It legitimizes the fact that we are shooting fashion that is of the moment and is fleeting. ENJOY. KINDLY CLICK ON THE VOLUME TO EXPERIENCE THE VIDEO. THANK YOU. http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/magazine/ct-mag-fall-radical-transparency-20170825-story.html...
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18 Sep


TWOMUCHSTYLE COLLABORATES WITH THE TRIB MAGAZINE TO STYLE RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. It all began a month ago with an image of look 47 from the MIU MIU fall collection. The look in question is the transparent trench with ribbon piping. The story came to life because of the current political climate being the Trump administration.Transparency was in abundance but the perfect looks was a bit difficult to secure. We were fortunate enough to acquire Calvin Klein which is , of course, the most highly anticipated and sought after collection. Next was Dior which perfectly balance being sheer but very of the moment. Paco Robanne was different, it wasn't sheer but had open holes in the metal mesh fabric which places it perfectly...
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17 Sep


HAPPY SUNDAY. Today is the LAST day of the  of the weekend and we , of course , welcome it in style. At TWOmuchSTYLE we are planning fall editorials and stories along with welcoming  few big collaborations . Today we welcome our collaboration with the Trib (Chicago Tribune Magazine) featuring Fall fashion , RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. A story based on the current political climate. Kindly pick it up and do share your thoughts. It will be on the blog on Monday morning along with behind the scene footage of the shoot.  It is still warm outside, summer is still here. Enjoy. Kindly visit the blog on Monday morning to view edited images. Have a fantastic Sunday. p...
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15 Sep


GREAT EXPECTATIONS. WHAT TO EXPECT THIS COMING FALL. Summer is in the shadows and fall is beginning to creep in. At TWOmuchSTYLE, we never shy away from a good dose of color. So we strongly advise to lift the dreary days of fall with any hint of color. The designer Sies Marjan is known for it's inclusion of neon brights in cashmere and silk. Black is just not good enough. Gucci is in the spotlight with amazing mixtures of color , prints and statement accessories, we suggest you follow the leader. Dries Van Noten did a rendition of past blockbuster seasons with optical prints perfect for fall. Color blocking is always in style, Its done to perfection here by Fendi, Of...
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31 Jul


A LITTLE METALLIC TO OUTSHINE SUMMER. Summer is in full swing in the city and there's no better way to put your best face forward but with a bit of high shine. Get your glow on with GUERLAIN'S Meteorites illuminating powder pearlsIt's an illuminating powder made up of light diffusing pearls that minimizes flaws and add brightness to the skin. OUTSHINE THE SUN THIS SUMMER. "TELL THEM I SENT YOU" This portfolio photographed by T Harrison Hillman Awa Florence is aglow in Dolce and Gabbana knit shirt with printed silk panel at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Celine enameled disc earclip at Blake , Chicago model- Awa Florence at Factor Chosen Hair and makeup- Andrea Samuels using Guerlain at Factor Chosen Manicurist- Ashley Gregory at Factor Chosen Fashion...
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10 Jul


LAST LOOK AT SUMMER. In the Fashion industry , Fall is here. first deliveries are in the store and all summer merchandise is on sale. We've photographed Pre-Fall already, coming soon to the blog , of course. we decided to say goodbye to summer in all white with the star being Celine's Yves Klein printed dress. Our favorite stores are represented. Blake, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The summer sale is on. get ready for next summer and say HELLO to FALL. This Portfolio photographed by Akin Girav Model- Jordan at Ford Models Model - Tyler Sims at Factor Chosen, Chicago Makeup - Kerre Berry at Factor Chosen Manicurist- Ashley Gregory/ Thenailscape at Factor Chosen Fashion editor- patric Chauvez at Ford Artist Thank you to Blake, Chicago,...
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