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3 Feb

Rick Owens Mens Fall 2015

RICK OWENS MENS FALL WINTER 2015 The Rick Owens fall collection, upon presentation, went viral due to the visible youthful male genitalia of the petit variety. To be honest I perused the collection and did not see what others saw. At twomuchstyle we see fashion and beauty in everything. Besides from the looks that went viral there were beautiful clothes, layered, asymmetrical silhouettes that Rick Owens is known for. RICK OWENS AVAILABLE AT BARNEYS NEW YORK GALLERIE AESTHETE “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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3 Feb

Dior Men’s Fall 2015

DIOR HOMME FALL 2015 Dior Fall collection is based on the art of dressing up. This is exactly the case Kris Van Assache presented. The white shirt and black tie are a pre-requisite for everything. Layered with denim jackets, cashmere or shearling coats, leather track pants and down parkas. This approach makes everything feel dressed up, formal and special. DIOR HOMME AVAILABLE AT BARNEYS NEW YORK “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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3 Feb

Givenchy Mens Fall 2015

GIVENCHY MENS FALL WINTER 2015 Riccardo Tisci presented a devilish dark collection for Givenchy, part Catholicism part satanic. Either way "black is the new black," this time it’s mixed with blood red. Givenchy’s silhouette remains the same for fall. Slim trousers mixed with boxy coats, sweatshirts and leather, something that Tisci perfects in every fall collection. GIVENCHY AVAILABLE AT BARNEYS NEW YORK SAKS FIFTH AVENUE NEIMAN MARCUS “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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2 Feb

Jaslene Gonzalez Debuts at TWOmuchSTYLE

AS EDITOR IN CHIEF AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF TWOMUCHSTLYE, PATRIC CHAUVEZ ANNOUNCES TWO NEW CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: JASLENE GONZALEZ: Winner of "America's Next Top Model", TWOmuchSTYLE's fashion muse and DARCY McGRATH, Beauty Guru, top Makeup Artist and C.E.O of BEAUTY AND THE BRIDE™. At TWOmuchSTYLE.com,we bring you the latest and most desirable vision ot Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and More! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM, TWITTER AND FACEBOOK...
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30 Jan

Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015

CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE SPRING SUMMER 2015 The idea for the Chanel set came to Karl Lagerfeld in a dream and in a flash like most ideas comes to him. The set for the Chanel Haute Couture show is like no other. It seems to be from a distant planet, Planet Chanel perhaps. Planet Chanel is a planet where flowers and trees is of the electronic variety. In the show notes it states that it took 3 months for each flower to be made and each has it’s own machine. Upon commencement of the show the electronic garden was doused with Chanel branded water and each flower mechanically blooms. The collection was all about flowers, of course, appliqued, beaded and blooming on...
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23 Jan

Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

VALENTINO PRE-FALL 2015 Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo piccioli are the design duo behind Valentino. Valentino is one of the IT labels right now on fashion planet. For fall the duo teamed up with British textile designer Celia Birtwell and Italian pop artist Giosetta Fioroni. The most ingenious floral prints and graphics was printed on dresses and shown with Prefall’s It Boot in muted patchwork leather. Expect to see this in all the glossies including TWOmuchstyle this coming fall. Twomuchstyle loves when art and fashion collide, it makes for beautiful clothes indeed. VALENTINO AVAILABLE AT IKRAM AND AT NEIMAN MARCUS “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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22 Jan

Alexander McQueen Men’s Fall 2015

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN MENS FALL 2014 Alexander McQueen’s fall collection was based on the military uniform. It was all associated with the Army for there were obvious instances of army green, air force blues, epaulets, military pockets and military medallions that decorated jackets and coats. The words “Truth”, “Valour” and “Honour” were all printed on jackets and trousers. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN AVAILABLE AT NEIMAN MARCUS BARNEYS NEW YORK SAKS FIFTH AVENUE “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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21 Jan

Prada Mens Fall 2015

Prada-Mens-Fall_2015_feature TwoMuchStyle-post
PRADA MENS FALL 2015 Miuccia Prada morphed the men’s fall collection and her women’s pre-fall collection in one show. The million dollar questions remains, how does menswear relates to women’s wear. The answer was clear at Prada. It was answered by the use of black, navy, grey and by a uniform silhouette. A silhouette that is grounded in vintage. It was Severe minimalism, a bit boxy and lacking of color except for a few browns and nudes that was thrown in for good measure. A woman can wear these clothes on a slighter scaled down version. Welcome to the ever-changing world of Prada PRADA IS AVAILABLE AT PRADA PRADA.COM “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” ...
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16 Jan

Chanel pre-Fall 2015 collection

CHANEL PRE – FALL 2015 METIER DES ARTS Chanel’s Pre-Fall is call “Le métier des Arts”. Named for Chanel support of the métier or the furnishers to Couturier. The Métier des Arts show was held in Austria and it was complete with Austrian like costumes complete with frogged topcoats, And redingotes. The rapper Pharrell Williams, a friend of the maison as the show notes states made a special appearance. Lagerfeld is a showman and is always unto the next big thing. ...
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